My name is Cheng, because both my parents’ last names are Cheng


I was born in a small city in Shandong Province, China and move to Shanghai when I was in elementry school


In year 2013, I went to Shanghai University of Finance and Economics to study Economical Sociology, there, I learned social behavior and research methods


One and a half year later, 2015, I decided to study Architectural Design, I choose Australia because the bachelor degree there is only 3 years, so I won’t be too old getting my degree


It is tough at the beginning going to another country, study a major that I am not familiar with at all, I even failed on my first design project because I couldn’t understand those design vocabulary, but later on, till graduation, I am the only one student among grade that projects being selected as the representative work on the student handbook, for 2 years in a role

My life in Australia was happy and steady, But I never want to just stop here. I then decided to go the UK or US for a master degree, I want to learn something related to Architecture, but also beyond it.


I got offer from Architecture Association in the UK, and SCI-Arc in the US, both of them are independent architecture schools that people not study architecture may not even heard about it, but trust me, the effeort student there are no less than other places

I went to SCI-Arc in the end and study Fiction and Entertainment in 2018. My project is about virtual gaming and shopping experience based on Chinese marriage and AI companionship

I was the film director, researcher, writer, concept artist, editor and VFX designer in this project, and through this experience, I cultivated strong researching, story telling and motion design skills


After graduation, I decided to become a UX designer who specialized in motion design and story telling. I treasure all the skills I learn through so many years in different study field, including design thinking, Scientology, anthropology, economics, research method and design software in both 2D and 3D, static and motion


Some people say that I should focus on one field, because no body can do everything perfect. But my life motivation is never stop learning and I believe, all those years of study and experiences will help me, support me and add value not only on me, but my design. UX design needs someone with logical but empathetic thinking. I am keeping chasing this goal and will never stop

Jiacheng Cheng Jiacheng Cheng